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“I have to give them 5 stars”  Yelp review

What's pouring at OWOB

There are 36 red wines behind our bar on an argon gas system and 5 whites that we keep in the fridge because you know they are supposed to be cold. We specialize in Oregon Pinot Noir so 30 of the reds are just that. There are 6 non Pinot reds which come primarily from eastern Washington. Too many choices? Too much info? Oh we are just getting started!!!

There is no list of the red wines so don’t ask for one. Yes we do this just to irritate our customers, make our lives more difficult and in general create chaos. Actually, the reason for this is it keeps things flexible we can open just about any wine you want to try because we are not confined to the list. Cool huh?

We pour the wines by the taste 1.5oz, glass 4.5oz and bottle. Taste and glass pours are priced based on the bottle cost. Yes you can just come in with a group and choose a bottle off our shelf and consume it here. We don’t charge a corkage fee for that and it is retail cost. Great value.

We use Reidel stemware because Kate is a stemware snob but not a wine snob. In fact we pride ourselves on creating an environment where you can know a lot or a little about wine and still have a great time. If it were left up to Jenn we wouldn’t talk about the wines at all just drink them and discuss the latest in Manolo Blahnik shoes or the Red Sox Pitching rotation.

Tastes & Glasses

All tastes and glasses are priced by bottle cost.
18% Gratuity parties 6 or more/$5 Corkage Fee

botte price taste/glass
$15 & under $2/$6
$16 ˆ $25 $3/$8
$26 ˆ $33 $4/$10
$34 ˆ $41 $5/$12
$42 ˆ $49 $6/$15
$50 ˆ $57 $7/$18

higher priced bottles please inquire.

White Wines


Westrey 2009 Chardonnay $4/$10
Patricia Green 2011 Sauvignon Blanc $3/$8
Siltstone 2011 Pinot Gris $3/$8
Walter Scott 2011 Pinot Blanc $3/$8
Lavelle 2010 Riesling $2/$6

Tasty Bites

Pearl Bakery Bread with Olive Oil $3

Vella Dry Jack
Served with Pearl Bakery Bread
One selection $5
All three $10

Mixed Olives $3
Marconna Almonds $3
Dried Cherries $3

Pate Selection served with Pearl Bakery Bread $8
Salami Selection served with Pearl Bakery Bread $8

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