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Oregon Wines on Broadway is the foremost Pacific NW Wine Tasting Bar in Downtown Portland for 15 years running. Featuring flights, small plates, bottles to go, wine shipping and customizable wine club.

Mon-Sat 12-8pm

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Marie Courtin

Champagne Fri. the 9th & Sat. the 10th
Marie Courtin

Flight of three $24
Resonance Extra Brut
Efflorescence Extra Brut '12
Concordance Extra Brut '12

Happy Snow Day everyone! Hope you are all safe, sound and warm. I believe that Champagne is a perfect pairing with blowing everything off, so here we go.minque Moreau's grandmother who she describes as a "woman of the earth".
First founded in 2005 with the plan and sole purpose to produce a series of single vineyard, single varietal and single vintage Champagnes (which we all have come to learn has not been the norm in Champagne for many years). 
She has done her Grandmother proud with her respect for the earth and vineyard. Dominque farms biodynamically, hand picks the grapes and lets the terrior do the talking. The wines are fermented with natural yeasts that have been selected from their vineyards and cultivated separately. These native yeasts are used for both the primary and secondary fermentations. Also, the wines see no dosage after disgorgement. 
She also sounds like she'd fit right in here in Portland with some very hippy woo-woo practices. One of her techinques involves using a pendulum (often used in energy healing practices) in both the vineyard and cellar to aid in evaluating both the evolution of the grapes on the vine as well as the wine during élévage. She explains that the pendulum changes its natural rhythm and swing based on the energy emitted from a living being, whether person, vineyard, or wine.
Come slodge your way down and come see us.

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